Hey There,


I'm Michelle Evans


Intuitive energy healer and spiritual guide

for heart centered women who want to heal old trauma wounds and reclaim their power.

How on earth did I get here,

doing this?


Honestly, I was taking stock of all my accomplishments and the stereotypes I had slayed.

  • I had a government job with a fancy title and no post secondary education
  • I was sitting in a home I had purchased for my children to grow up in, on my own at 28
  • I had memories of all the holidays I had taken my sons on, without the child support my ex-husband owed over the years
  • My children had no concept of the abuse and addictions I had grown up with
  • I had been a single mom from the time I was 17 and now had two boys that were quickly growing into young men.

Then it hit me....

What would I do when I wasn't trying to be Super Mom?


The clearer things became, the more lost I felt.

  • I didn't know who I was
  • I didn't know what I enjoyed doing
  • If I didn't figure my sh*t out BEFORE my kids left home, the empty nest was going to be devastating 
  • All of my external successes hadn't healed the wounds caused by the trauma of my childhood
  • I would need to look back on the childhood I had tried so hard to forget in order to reconnect with myself

What Happened Next?

  • I discovered I have always been intuitive and known things I can't explain
  • I have always loved magic
  • I realized "thinking" my way to healing hadn't worked
  • I turned to intuition and energy work
  • I spent thousands of dollars and hours learning a variety of energy healing and intuitive strengthening modalities

I have ALWAYS wanted people to realize that they are capable of more than they think they are.

What does life look like now?


I APPRECIATE all that has happened in my life, rather than carrying resentment 


I KNOW that I am never alone and always supported, so I am able to take risks I would have avoided before


I TRUST that things always work out and no longer get stuck in trying to figure out how to make things work


I CREATE what I want out of life in a way I enjoy


I CELEBRATE the choices I have every day, instead of feeling the pressure of what I thought was expected of me

I TRAVEL the world, make epic memories and, connect with the most amazing people


I KNOW vulnerability is a strength, rather than the weakness guilt and shame had me believing it was


I AM EMPOWERED to burn boxes, rather than trying to fit into them


I DO things that feel good and feed my soul 


I LOVE my work! I get to witness women (and some men) discover how epically amazing they are 

What Do I want you to know?



  • You are amazing and get to live your life unapologetically
  • You can forget what you've been told you are "supposed" to do or what you "should" want
  • You don't ever need to fit into a box
  • You get to live life the way you enjoy
  • You are never alone and always loved - no matter what



Random Facts About ME


  • I love all things history, magic and, mystery
  • I cry every time something touches my soul
  • I love to travel and also love to come home to the mountains outside my window 
  • I don't ever want to teach you how to me. I want to help you discover how you do YOU
  • I often teach through meditative exercises and experiences. ​​

                        How does this work?

Are your ready to change your life?




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