Working Together



You've finally had enough of trying to twist and contort yourself into the box you are "supposed" to want.


You're ready to rediscover who you really are, what it is that you actually want, and regain the power you've lost.


You are ready to reconnect with yourself, your energetic prowess, and your spiritual support team.


I've got you!!



I'm Michelle Evans and everyday I am grateful for the work I do

This channelled message is why I do the work and birthed Rock Solid Love

Here's what I know

(from experience)

  • You are capable of far more than you think you are
  • You are never alone
  • You are always loved
  • You have the ability to heal yourself, and those around you
  • Forgiveness isn't the same as healing
  • Healing is a process, not a destination
  • You are exactly where you need to be
  • The energy of adventure makes the process fun instead of daunting
  • You have more power than you give yourself credit for
  • When you heal yourself, you heal the world

Healing is a journey, not a destination

Collecting Freebies


I started my journey here, searching for options and places to start.

Maybe you are skeptical and not willing to spend money on this process yet.

Or maybe you want to get to know me a little better and see what I'm all about.

Either way, I've got you covered!

Buying Books


This was a step in my journey too. You want to explore the world of energetics and intuition on a deeper level than the free snippets delivered to your inbox. 

You still don't want to spend a lot of money, so books are the most cost effective option. 


In 2018, I compiled the most powerful exercises and explanations I used with my private clients to write "Building Your Inner Confidence". 

The exercises will awaken your inner knowing and healing abilities. While the explanations provided will ease your analytical mind and stop the second-guessing.


Wanting a Structured Program


This was a step in my journey too. You are ready to invest more in order to dive deeper and have a person "in the know" to bounce things off of.

You also want a structured flow of how things work and come together in order to know you're going in the right direction. 


I have compiled ALL of the foundational elements required to heal old trauma patterns and rewrite your internal experiences into an 8-week program so you can finally "Emerge Victorious".

These are all the elements that I've used both personally and professionally to help dozens of women heal from childhood trauma and abuse.


Wanting Ongoing Support & Accountability


This is a huge step in the journey. Congratulations for getting this far.

You've done a lot of work and recognize that, without support, you tend to forget the tools you've accumulated and the "muscles" you've built. 


This is both the how and why behind the birth of the "Inner Circle" membership. Past clients were asking for ongoing support after completing either; the Emerge Victorious 8-week program or customized 1-1 work.


This membership is full of women that have been Called to Reconnect with themselves, their power, and their intuitive abilities.


Wanting Customized Support & Guidance


This is an epic step in the journey. You are done with the sh*t of the past still having a hold on you. You are determined to reclaim your power and live life on your terms. 

You want an experience where the sole focus is your healing and the customized guidance that will get you there.

I'll be honest, there has to be trust & connection (on both sides) to achieve epic results in a short time frame.

The only way to get clear and see if we have both of these components is to get on a call.

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